My mission with Indie Sound is to provide the best services for the budget to independent filmmakers of features, docs and shorts. By services, I mean talent Ė Sound Supervisors, Designers, Editors, Foley Artists, Mixers Ė and facilities. Talent is key for me. I like working with folks who Iíve seen deliver creatively time and time again.

No matter the size of the independent film, it always seems as if there are budget limitations these days. Itís my job to work hard with producers to keep their projects on track and within the budget they have for audio post. That being said, Iíll also be honest with producers and post supervisors after an initial conversation or after we screen the movie together. If I feel we canít meet (or need to adjust) expectations given a particular filmís budget, I will let the producing team know.

Because weíre not based at one facility, we can use facilities in different areas of town and with different strengths. Sometimes, when you work within only one house, you may be limited by the plusses and minuses of that facility. For example, some houses have great mix stages but smaller ADR and Foley stages. This way, we get to use the best of the best for our budgets.

Most filmmakers understand the great importance of sound to their films and stories. The creative talents at Indie Sound appreciate their role in bringing those stories to the screen. All of us look forward to providing our skills to the producers, directors and editors working in independent film today who strive to tell special stories with a unique vision and with the deep desire to move audiences. 

Michael Sable
President, Indie Sound
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MIXERS:   Gary Alexander, Sam Lehmer, Jason Brennan

Audio Post for Features, Docs & Shorts
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